Sunday, July 27, 2008

If You Use More Sprinkles Than Spices

This post may seem like a total backward step in baking after all that hullabaloo about cake decorating. I mean, two posts about the fancifulness and effort that is baking the cake, making the icing, filling and icing the cake, making the decorating icing, tinting the decorating icing, filling pastry bags with the appropriate decorating tips with the appropriate tinted icing, decorating the cake...

...only to be followed up with a post on sprinkles?!? I know, I know, any five-year-old can decorate a cake with sprinkles, right? Maybe so. But if you're like I was before I started cooking for myself in college (i.e. if you bake more than you cook), sprinkles are good. They're cheery. They're fast. They make any baked good look homemade and yummy.

And boy are they handy and impressive-looking when you've got a sprinkle rack.

Presenting... the Sprinkle Rack!

It's so simple, yet so ingenious. It's just a spice rack, spice containers emptied, washed, and then filled with all your favorite sprinkles. I got mine as a birthday gift several summers ago, and I've been storing all of my necessary sprinkles there since. Right now the contents include four colors of sugar, several varieties of rainbow sprinkles, two different chocolate sprinkles, toffee bits, and your average assortment of holiday sprinkles (hearts, Christmas lights, Christmas trees, stars). They're always right there, whenever I need them.

Like I told you, it's ingenious. Plus it looks pretty sitting on the kitchen counter. Doesn't it just make you want to bake and be happy?

Just think of the wonderful creations you can bake with sixteen varieties of sprinkles!

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